Escapism Through Art – Connecting to Your Happy Place

There are many times we just have to say to ourselves… breathe. It is so easy to let everyday life get the better of us and not really enjoy the here and now. For me, I find water calming and relaxing. All I need is the ocean, sand, surf and sun and I am instantly at peace.

My painting “Breathe” (48” x 36”, acrylic on canvas) is the end result of transporting myself and connecting with my happy place. After the winter here, I needed to escape. While I did not physically go to my favourite tropical destination this winter, I was able to transform my studio into a magical space of relaxing calm by turning on one of my favourite inspiring playlists of island themed music and painting with a beachy colour palette of blues, whites and golds.

The movement and colours remind me of the soothing elements while at the beach. I can feel the trade winds blowing softly and I can breathe in the salt air. The warmth of the sun is heating the sand. I can feel the tiny grains and shells in the sand, and falling away under my toes as the water swirls around my feet and I sink into the wet sand. I breathe easier with seeing the sparkling reflections of the changing turquoise blues of the water. It instantly calms me. The connection to nature gives me comfort, joy and strength at the same time. And ultimately, the inner desire to not hold back and put forth what I need to express.

So what was I listening to when painting “Breathe”? Below is a playlist of one hours worth of escapism I use to create my own tropical paradise. Enjoy!

1. One Particular Harbour – Jimmy Buffett
2. Island Daze – Jim Morris
3. The Seashores Of Old Mexico – George Strait
4. Magic – Kenny Chesney
5. Sea Cruise – Glenn Frey
6. Jamming – Bob Marley & The Wailers
7. Hot, Hot, Hot – Arrow
8. I Go To Rio – Pablo Cruise
9. Coconut Telegraph – Jimmy Buffett
10. Turn Around and Run – Kelly McGuire
11. Kokomo – The Beach Boys
12. A Slice of the Island Life – Jim Morris
13. Be As You Are – Kenny Chesney
14. Island Fever – Jimmy Buffett
15. Jamaica Farewell – Harry Belafonte

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