How to Choose an Artist for Commissions

I am thrilled to contribute to this question about choosing an artist for custom artwork in the Tastefully Inspired blog series by Kathleen Bandaruk on “Art in Design – The Home”. September 13, 2018 , Tastefully Inspired [click for original article] 

“Listen to Your Heart” commission for a wonderful lady with a great spirit and loving heart, and “Deja Bleu 4” for a client in London, England.

Here is my contribution:
Lynette Melnyk, Fine Artist and Creative Consultant, has this to say about the process and what to look for in commissioning a piece of art.

“The relationship between yourself and the artist is important and requires initial conversations to find out how they work and if you feel comfortable with them. When choosing an artist, look at their portfolio (online or in person) to ensure the style will match yours and your client’s expectations. 

Additional things to consider:

  • What is their experience with doing commissioned art?

  • Are they local or long distance? Long distance is an easy process with the technology available to show the process. Depending upon the scope of the project, if travel is involved, it should be discussed in the beginning.

  • What is their process with commissioned art?

  • Will the artist offer suggestions or want your direction?

  • What is the attitude and willingness of the artist to work together to benefit the client’s project?

  • Size requirements Delivery, installation, framing

  • Timeline and deadlines 


Thank you very much Kathleen for this opportunity. It was such a pleasure working with you. Tastefully Inspired is becoming a sought after digital marketing agency for the interior design community and for all people who are passionate about design. 

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