Music and Dance as Art Inspirations

What inspires me in my paintings? My art is derived from my life, such as the shadows dancing from the sunlight streaming through the leaves, water finding its way rolling over and around rocks. It can be simple contrast of shapes and lines, but mostly it comes down to the connection and emotion I feel when listening to music or watching dancers. 

With music, the inspiration can start with a singer’s emotions, the particular lyrics, or an intricate and complex harmony. I can be inspired by listening to one of my many playlists of my favourite genres which includes jazz, rock, pop, big band, swing and romantic French songs. I don’t even have to physically hear the music and these inspirations lead me to conceptualize my emotions on canvas and connect with people.

It is similar with dancing, and getting caught up in the emotions expressed in dancer’s movements. A variety of dance styles, energy and enthusiasm are an endless source of inspiration. My parents are wonderful dancers and they move effortlessly in unity along the dance floor to diverse rhythms of music. I can clearly envision them dancing and my heart fills with the love I have for them and the love they have for one another. That in itself is inspiration.

Growing up, I wanted to be a dancer and also took piano lessons, but it didn’t go beyond teenage years, so I express myself through my own interpretation of music and dance. The different genres of music and styles of dance are reflected in different collections of my artwork. Music and dance connect me to people as well as to myself. One cannot hear my art on the canvas, but yet it says so much.

Lynette MelnykComment