Creative Coaching


Creative Entrepreneur One-on-One Coaching to Develop a Successful Business 

Do you require an outside perspective for your business?
Are you overwhelmed with how to market yourself and your business?
Are you going through a transitional period in your life?
Do you need to focus?
Are you spinning your wheels but not going anywhere?

The answers can be learned in coaching sessions with me, a business coach for creative entrepreneurs. I will give you tools, insight and support in the following topics which you need to improve to empower you to move forward in your career:

Assessing Your Current Situation
Setting Goals and Objectives
Determine Your Unique Selling/Value Proposition
Building Your Brand 
Building Your Client Relationships
Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
Action, Continuity and Follow-through
Finding Balance
Confidence and Motivation

Who is this for?
It is for the creative who is stuck and needs help in the right direction with motivation and tools. It is for the creative who is willing to commit and do the work to achieve their goals and dreams.

What do I provide as a business coach? 
After asking you tough questions, I provide various tools, insight, exercises and support for your individual requirements. For example, how to uncover your purpose and clarity, develop an action plan or follow-through. I will hold you accountable for your decisions to make the necessary changes and steps in your career.

My background: 
My experience includes over 20 years as an entrepreneur, owning and operating a successful design, marketing and communication company including developing strategic brand and marketing plans, and achieving results for sole proprietors to international corporations. I have extensive experience in marketing, brands, and client relationships. My education is in visual communication design, interior design, photography, painting and marketing. The coaching started, through word-of-mouth, with others asking for my help regarding their business. My passion for business, art, and the desire to see others succeed led me to offer my business experience to artists, and my creative process to professionals. 

Today, I am a coach, consultant and artist. I coach creatives through the maze of setting goals, brand identity, developing a strategic marketing plan and putting it in action. It is about listening to my clients and asking questions that one may not have though about, nor may want to answer. What is the difference with my process… a balanced right-brain/left-brain perspective, an intuition, and a desire to help others achieve their goals. 



  • OPTION 1 –  A 6-week One-on-One Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs
    – Initial Consultation Form to assess your current situation
    – Individualized program content includes choosing from the topics listed above
    – 6, 50-minute calls via What’s App, Skype or FaceTime once a week
    – Worksheet exercises each week
    – Unlimited email access to ask questions during the course
    – Cost: US$1,295
    – This program is limited to 2 students each quarter to allow for personal attention for each student. To find out availability, contact me through the form below.

  • OPTION 2 –  What If…. I Only Need A Little Help So I Am Not Alone
    – On-going mentor, coaching and motivational calls (50 minutes each) for your creative business, twice a month via What’s App, Skype or FaceTime
    – Cost: US$300/per month

  • OPTION 3 –  What If…. I Am On My Way and Only Have a Few Questions to Ask?
    No worries! We can schedule a time to talk if you require:
    – A one-time, 50-minute coaching session via What’s App, Skype or FaceTime to discuss specific concerns with your creative business
    – Cost: US$175

Payment due via PayPal before coaching starts.

Please complete the form below. I look forward to working With You.

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