Defining oneself

with art


How do you show your personality?

I love to Work with collectors to create art that expresses their personality in their Interior.

How Do I do that?

• As a Fine Artist:

I create lyrical abstract paintings that tell a story and connect with people’s emotions. My interpretations of different genres of music and dance are captured in the curvaceous strokes, depth of layers, and captivating flow of movements. My work is representative of an elegant strength found in her soul. The results are spiritual, serendipitous, and enriching. A joyous freedom is felt from the energy and passion experienced on the canvas. The viewer is encouraged to feel inspired, and be bold and fearless in their own life. 

“My artwork is a continuation of my personal growth to trust myself, to take more leaps and be myself. I have a sensitive, as well as an edgy, aspect in my art that is flowing out onto canvases in expressive movements. There is a little music and dance in every painting.”

I am rapidly building a strong following of art collectors in North America, Europe, and the U.K. I participate in art exhibitions throughout Canada, the U.S. and recently in Hangzhou, China. 

Some form of creative endeavour has been explored throughout my life, with formal education in interior design, visual communication design, photography and painting. As an owner and operator of a successful design, marketing and corporate communications company for many years, I continue to evolve my passion for the creative communication process through my art.

• As a Creative Consultant – Curating Art for Your Home or Business

Art is important in our lives. In a home, it contributes to creating an environment that you embrace. It sets the mood you want and contributes to your well being. It welcomes friends and family in a social atmosphere.  

For a business, the right art enhances a brand identity and continues to tell your story to people. Art welcomes people and draws them in to make them feel comfortable. Art is a conversation starter and a way for people to connect.

If you have found the perfect artwork that speaks to you or wonder what art to purchase to complement your interior, Lynette can help curate a harmonious environment from decisions of how to enhance a certain impression and mood, to where to hang paintings or how to do a gallery wall. It is so important to live and work in a place that you enjoy. Every space can be enhanced with the thoughtful choice and arranging of original art. It can make a room complete or extend the brand of a corporate culture. Her creative consultant service helps you access your current situation and choose artwork you will love to complete your space. An hourly rate or package lets you decide which is best for you. Contact me for more details.

• Creative Collaborator

Do you have ideas for a project that need an extra burst of creativity to make it sing? Contact me to discuss if we are a perfect match to work together.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (with distinction), visual communication design, photography, painting – University of Alberta
Interior Design Diploma (with distinction) – Mount Royal University